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How to visualAIze 5000 COVID CT scans daily with 15 minutes SLA?

Join the first webinar about the Moscow AI experiment

Moscow Research and Practical Clinical Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies

Alongside with the Experiment, the experts of Moscow Center for Diagnostics & Telemedicine created a dataset of chest CT scans with COVID-19. To this date, it is one-of-a-kind, the largest anonymized CT dataset of COVID-19. This dataset can be used to develop, train, and test AI models. AI can help speed up the work of diagnostic services, and that is very important for a large flow of patients. For example, there are 48 outpatient CT-centers (OCTC) operating round-the-clock in Moscow. 112 022 CTs of the chest were performed and analyzed by the AI from April 13, 2020 to May 17, 2020. COVID-19 pneumonia was diagnosed in 53% of cases.

So, experts from different countries will talk about the details of AI application in radiology at the following webinar.


Moderator: Erik Ranschaert, MD, Ph.D., President of EuSoMII, Vienna, Austria. 

  • How to visualAIze 5000 COVID CT scans daily with 15 minutes SLA? -- Sergey Morozov, MD, MPH, Ph.D., Chief Officer of Regional Radiology and Instrumental Diagnostics at the Moscow Department of Health, Russia
  • Pathway for successful integration of AI services in radiology -- Anna Andreychenko, Ph.D., Head of Medical Informatics, Radiomics and Radiogenomics Sector, Diagnostics and Telemedicine Center, Moscow, Russia
  • Demo-session: how it works --  Ivan Blokhin, Junior Researcher, Radiology Quality Development Sector, Diagnostics and Telemedicine Center, Moscow, Russia
  • Technical issues of the Moscow Experiment -- Anton Gorban, Head of Digital Health Innovations Group, Moscow Department of Information Technology, Russia, and
  • Victoriya Saprykina, Project Manager in Moscow Department of Information Technology, Russia



  • How AI is transforming Healthcare -- Craig Rhodes, EMEA IBD for AI/Deep Learning, Health and Life Science, NVIDIA Corporation, Watford, UK
  • Arie Povolotski, RADlogics & DRA Medical, Haifa, Israel
  • Angel Alberich-Bayarri, Founder & CEO of Quibim Biomarker, Madrid, Spain & Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • Sergey Sorokin, Founder & CEO of, Moscow, Russia
  • Irina Fedulova, Lead Scientist of Philips Innovation Labs, Moscow, Russia


Date: June 4, 2020. 18:00-21:00 GMT+1.

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