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Graduates of family medicine residencies are likely to enter and remain in family medicine

Characteristics of family medicine residency graduates, 1994-2017: An update

American Academy of Family Physicians

This study provides an overview of the characteristics of physicians who completed family medicine residency training from 1994 to 2017. It serves to update the only previous comprehensive national review of this kind, conducted in 1996, which covered family medicine graduates from 1969 through 1993. With only 10.9 percent of medical students entering family medicine residency training in 2016, and in light of the continuing shortage of family physicians, one goal of the new study was to determine whether family medicine residency graduates continue to practice in the field after residency. The study yielded moderately encouraging findings suggesting that family medicine residents are likely to remain in the primary care workforce.


Characteristics of Family Medicine Residency Graduates, 1994-2017: An Update
Mingliang Dai, PhD, et al
American Board of Family Medicine, Lexington, Kentucky

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