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Data from Iran shows a nearly 25 percent 30-day cumulative mortality rate for hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Older patients and those with coexisting diseases were more likely to die in the hospital

Researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences reviewed data from a national registry to assess the characteristics and mortality of hospitalized patients with COVID-19. The Medical Care Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) of Iran mandated all hospitals to register patients admitted with a diagnosis of confirmed or suspected COVID-19. The data showed that among 62,955 patients admitted to the designated hospitals between February 20 and April 20, 2020, 29,111 tested positive for COVID-19. When all patients admitted during the study period were used in a Kaplan-Meier analysis of survival, the cumulative risk for in-hospital mortality in 30 days was 24.4 percent. Patients who were over the age of 65 were significantly more likely to die from COVID-19, as were those with any coexisting condition, such as heart disease or diabetes. The most prevalent symptom among patients who perished was shortness of breath. Read the full text:

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