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Application-driven quantum and statistical physics volume 3, published

A short course for future scientists and engineers

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As part of our Essential Textbooks in Physics series, the third volume of Application-Driven Quantum and Statistical Physics, is not one to miss. If you are a student craving an alternative approach to the traditional textbooks on quantum and statistical physics, then this introductory course is the place to start. These three volumes form a fundamental foundational knowledge on the subject in a clear, informative and detailed pedagogical style. Each volume contains exercise questions and detailed explanations and solutions to the proposed problems. In including both practical elements as well as theoretical knowledge on the subject, the teaching styles of these textbooks are varied enough to cater to a broad range of students' needs.

This third volume covers several basic and more advanced subjects about transitions in quantum and statistical physics. The key subjects tackled in this volume include fermion and boson gases, two-level flipping, time-dependent quantum transitions or electromagnetic field quantization. These new concepts are then illustrated by a wide range of applications such as semi-conductors, Bose-Einstein condensates, superfluidity, superconductivity, NMR for food inspection, MRI, Lasers, spectroscopies for fake drug detection, photon or neutron scattering or the versatility of quantum entanglement.

The author, Jean-Michel Gillet, wrote this textbook with his own students' interests in mind, taking into account their in-class questions and feedback to his own teaching. As such, these textbooks are backed with the knowledge of what real students need, going into specific detail on the more challenging subject topics and including additional theoretical support in the places where such knowledge is needed.

This new volume will be a great addition for students who have already worked their way through the first two books. As a series, the three volumes provide a concise introduction to undergraduate students who are new to undertaking these topics, and as individual textbooks, these volumes provide a great resource to return to for graduate students looking for a new perspective on specific subject materials relating to quantum and statistical physics.

Application-Driven Quantum and Statistical Volume -- Volume 3 retails for US$48 / £40 (paperback) and US$98 / £85 (hardcover) and is also available in electronic formats. To order or know more about the book, visit


About the Author

Jean-Michel Gillet graduated from University of Paris, France and completed his post-doc at Brookhaven National Laboratory (NY, USA). Currently, he is a full professor and head of the Physics Department at CentraleSupelec, Paris-Saclay University in France. He is also chairman of the Quantum Crystallography commission of the International Union of Crystallography.

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