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Announcing the 2020 'State of Journal Production and Access' report from Scholastica


CHICAGO, IL (13 August 2020) -- Scholastica, a peer review and publishing software and service provider for academic journals, announced today the release of "The State of Journal Production and Access 2020" report. The report details the results of a global survey of scholarly society and university publishers that manage and produce academic journals independently about their current journal production and access approaches and future priorities.

The survey encompassed questions in two areas: 1. journal production, including article formatting, layout, and metadata tagging practices and priorities; and 2. journal access, including publishers' current access and funding models as well as respondents' perceptions of the viability of alternate options.

Key survey findings include:

  • Publishers rated decreasing production time as their most important journal production priority over the next 3 years
  • Publishers reported that they are prioritizing transitioning journals to OA and identifying viable funding models for fully-OA publishing
  • The majority of publishers surveyed reported that they believe institutional subsidies/grants are the most viable options for funding fully-OA journals

Scholastica conducted "The State of Journal Production and Access" survey between March and June 2020. The survey received over 60 responses from members of scholarly publishing organizations in 28 countries working in various roles, ranging from senior leaders to journal editors to technical staff. The majority of respondents worked with journals published by scholarly societies or university presses.

"The State of Journal Production and Access" report aims to provide society and university publishers and stakeholders with generative insights around production and access as two discrete but increasingly related aspects of publishing. The report and complete raw survey data set are available here.


About Scholastica:

Scholastica is a web-based software platform with modular tools and services for every aspect of publishing academic journals -- from peer review to production to hosting and discovery support. Our mission is to empower journal publishers to make quality research available more efficiently and affordably in order to facilitate a sustainable research future. Over 900 journals across disciplines use Scholastica.


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