News Release 

Maggioni mapping changes in hydroclimatic risk in high mountain Asia

George Mason University

Grant Announcement

Viviana Maggioni, Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, received $62,278 from NASA for a project examining hydroclimatic risk in high mountain Asia (HMA).

Maggioni and her collaborators are working to gain a holistic understanding of changes in precipitation and their impact on hydroclimatic hazards at scale that are relevant to the dominant hydrological processes involved and to associated decision-making. They expect that their work will generate new knowledge on the changes in precipitation in the HMA region and provide evidence on the expected hydrologic response of those changes.

Mason researchers will assist the team with the scientific analysis, be responsible for the downscaled products of past re-analysis data, and lead the case study in Nepal.

Funding for this project began in August 2020 and will end in late July 2021.


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