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India 2020: the state of (in)security

Webinar with Dr. Purnima Menon is a senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute

London International Development Centre

Scientific Meeting Announcement

India is among the countries with the highest levels of food insecurity. Data shows that between 2014 and 2019, food insecurity increased by 3.8%. Covid-19 and the recent locust invasion posed new challenges to the country. In this webinar organised by the LIDC-led UKRI-GCRF Action Against Stunting Hub we will discuss the state of food security in India with Dr. Purnima Menon. Dr. Purnima Menon is a senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute. She is based in New Delhi, where she is the theme leader for South Asia Nutrition Programs in IFPRI's Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division. In her work in India, Dr. Menon directs POSHAN (Partnerships and Opportunities to Strengthen and Harmonize Actions for Nutrition in India), an initiative to increase the use of evidence for nutrition in India. She conducts implementation research on scaling up maternal and child nutrition interventions, including on evaluating large-scale behaviour change communications programs in nutrition and health. Dr. Menon has research experience in India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti, Viet Nam and Nepal, has published extensively, and invests deeply in research translation in her engagements with policy communities.

Dr. Menon's publications are available on Google Scholar and she engages on social media via her Twitter handle @PMenonIFPRI.


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