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Save-the-date: Virtual scientific meeting on sound, Dec. 7-11, 2020

Acoustical Society of America to host Acoustics Virtually Everywhere, highlighting the latest in the science of sound

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Scientific Meeting Announcement

MELVILLE, N.Y., Nov. 12, 2020 -- The Acoustical Society of America will hold its 179th meeting Dec. 7-11. To ensure the safety of attendees, volunteers, and ASA staff, the December meeting, "Acoustics Virtually Everywhere," will be hosted entirely online. The conference brings together interdisciplinary groups of scientists spanning physics, medicine, music, psychology, architecture, and engineering to discuss their latest research -- including research related to COVID-19.

Reporters are invited to attend the meeting at no cost (registration details below) and participate in a series of virtual press conferences featuring a selection of newsworthy research. The press conferences will include live Q&A's with researchers and opportunities for interviews. Virtual press conferences will take place during the week of the meeting. Times and topics will be announced in mid-November. Journalists may register to attend meeting sessions as well the press briefings.


  • Is lung ultrasound a predictor of worsening in COVID-19 patients? (Session 4aBAb3)
  • Effects of face masks and speaking style on audio-visual speech perception and memory. (Session 4pIDc1)
  • Statistical assessment of traffic noise patterns and COVID-19 effects. (Session 2pNSc4)
  • Speech intelligibility in auralized classrooms when the talker is wearing a face mask. (Session 3pAAc2)
  • Converting performance spaces into lecture halls. (Session 2pMUa3)
  • Comparing traffic intensity estimates employing passive acoustic Radar and microwave Doppler Radar sensor. (Session 1aEA3)
  • On an efficiency improvement of the sound fire extinguisher by the electro-magnet speaker. (Session 1aEA1)
  • A new measurement of the deepest depth of the ocean. (Session 1aAOa2)
  • A bio-inspired acoustic detector of mosquito sex and species. (Session 1pAB1)
  • A digital stethoscope with active noise suppression and automatic detection of abnormalities in lung sounds. (Session 1pID1)
  • Infrasound measurements of tornadoes and other severe storm events at close range. (Session 1pPAa1)
  • An overview of mixed-model inversion and its application to the study of traumatic brain injury. (Session 3aAAb3)
  • Diverse environments and their impact on accentedness judgments. (Session 3pSCa8)
  • Lombard effect, ambient noise and willingness to spend time and money in a restaurant amongst older adults. (Session 4pNSb1)
  • Categorization of U.S. regional dialects and race from speech. (Session 4pSCa9)
  • One step at a time to feel lighter: Understanding the impact of sound and smell on body image perception. (Session 5aPPb4)
  • Are ?tness instructors at risk of hearing impairment? (Session 5aNSb4)


More information on these and all other meeting sessions is available here.



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In the coming weeks, ASA's Worldwide Press Room will be updated with additional tips on dozens of newsworthy stories and with lay language papers, which are 300-500 word summaries of presentations written by scientists for a general audience and accompanied by photos, audio and video. You can visit the site during the meeting at


We will grant free registration for credentialed and professional freelance journalists who wish to attend the meeting sessions. If you are a reporter and would like to attend, contact the AIP Media Line at 301-209-3090. For urgent requests, staff at can also help with setting up interviews and obtaining images, sound clips or background information.


Press briefings will be held virtually during the conference. Credentialed media can register in advance by emailing and including your full name and affiliation in the message. The official schedule will be announced as soon as it is available and registered attendees will be provided login information via email.


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