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A comprehensive literature on stress resistance in Legumes

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For centuries, legumes have been used as pulses or grains serving as the most critical sources of major protein/oil producing crops for both human and animal consumption, and for providing raw materials for industrial processing. They are highly valued as soil building crops, improving soil quality through their beneficial involvement in biological nitrogen fixation, a symbiotic partnership with rhizobia.

Advances in Legume Research: Physiological Responses and Genetic Improvement for Stress Resistance serves as a unique source of information on the distinct aspects of basic and applied legume research for general readers, students, academics, and researchers. The book gives several insights on the morphological, physiological, and genetic responses to stresses via 8 concise chapters covering all aspects of legume growth, utilization, and improvement. The included chapters present research findings and succinct reviews concerning the strides continuously made in the improvement of legumes against biotic and abiotic stress factors. This comprehensive new legume reference book disseminates key information pertaining to the genetic diversity, conservation, cultivation, manipulation through mutagenic techniques, plant transformation and other breeding technologies. The book, therefore, continues to build on the need to acquire new knowledge about legume crops and ways to improve their existing agricultural yield for a sustainable and secure food market.


About the Editor:

Phetole Mangena is a senior lecturer of plant biotechnology at the department of biodiversity, University of Limpopo, Republic of South Africa. He has extensive experience in basic and applied sciences, specializing in plant genetic transformation of recalcitrant legumes for resistance against biotic/abiotic stresses. Dr. Mangena graduated with a doctoral degree in botany (plant biotechnology). He has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers and book chapters related to genetic improvement and morpho-physiological responses of plants to stress. He is an editor for the Research Journal of BioTechnology, and a fellow-member of the World Researchers Association. Dr. Mangena is also a member of the South African association of botanists and the International Society for Horticultural Science. Dr. Mangena received numerous honours and awards, including 1st Prize in The Innovation Hub GAP Bioscience Competition (Pretoria, South Africa) and the Research Excellence Award (Next Generation Researchers) by the National Research Foundation of South Africa.


Legumes, pulses, grains, biological nitrogen fixation, rhizobia, soil building crops, agricultural yield, food market, genetic diversity, cultivation

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