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Over 34,000 street cattle roam the Indian city of Raipur (1 for every 54 human residents)


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There may be over 34,000 street cattle in the Indian city of Raipur (one for every 54 human residents), with implications for road accidents and human-cattle conflict.


Article Title: A population estimation study reveals a staggeringly high number of cattle on the streets of urban Raipur in India

Funding: The author(s) did not receive any specific funding for this work. However, this work is a part of the Doctor of Philosophy thesis of one of the authors, BKS, who is getting a Junior Research Fellowship under the scheme CSIR-UGC NET for JRF [Sr. No. 2121530765. Ref. No: 20/12/2015(ii)EU -V; dated 18/05/2016].

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