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If you could investigate anything about the universe, what would it be?


Taylor, 9:

I would investigate all the diffrent animals to find out if they're actually smarter than humans and I would try to discover new animals too.

Taylor, 9:

I would investigate our galaxy and all the suns in the milky way. Could they some day come together and explode?

Zach, 11:

I would like to know if what we see is really there. What are we really seeing? We see the world around us, but is it really there? Is this really how it looks? Or is it just an image that our minds percept?

Sophia, 8:

I would like to investigate if there are living things on other planets and if there are who are they?

Bob, 11:

A black hole. I want to know everything about it. Why does it spin?, is my biggest question.

Sonia, 7:

I would like to investigate about if our life is really real or is it just a dream? Is it our imagination?

Lea, 12:

Anything at all. I'm interested in everything.

Kelsey, 13:

I want to know why chickens have a dark and a light side when you cook them. Is there any other animal like that? Does it have anything to do with the sides of the brain?

lovishgulati, 16:

Could astronauts be able to reach Pluto in the coming two years?

Leo, 8:

What makes the heart pump?

Alex, 8:

Can black holes suck up stars?

Tea, 9:

How do you remember dreams?

Tosca, 11:

Could dinosaurs ever come back to life?

Sreekar, 9:

I would investigate how nature is better than technology.

King Alexander I, 10:

Since I find science so great, pretty much everything!!!!!

derek, 11:

I would study botany proably

Andrew, 14:

I would like to know what Biblical proof there is about the creation of the universe that can actually be discovered.

Ellen, 14:

I always think that there must be something more out there. What if we're like fleas on some animal's back? I would try to find out what role we play by researching the universe in depth.

Todd, 12:

I would greatly be interested in the investagation of if one could genetically altar brain patterns through elctromagnetic waves, or if one could substitute carrer positions not so favorable by humans throught robotic or posatronic machines.

Todd, 12:

I would investigate the devlopment of artificial life support systems to sustain human life on hostile terrains.

Karen, 16:

What is in the deepest reaches of the sea and can it benefit humans?

Lindsey, 12:

How do dogs get guided by Earth's magnetic field?

james, 14:

The speed of light is a constant, and is always the same no matter how fast the observer is traveling. If a space ship is traveling at 75%of the speed of light and shines laser light beams in opposite directions, will both beams go at the same speed?

Jared, 12:

Did dragons really exist? And could they really do everything legend says?

Manivannan, India:

With nanotechnology can we stop death of a human being ?

geoff, 9:

I would like to know, would a black hole pull you into an other demention?

juan, 7:

me gustar?a saber como pas? el bigbang y como se hizo la tierra y el mar desde el big bang

Juan, 7:

I would like to know how the Earth and sea came from big bang.

Joyce, 14:

Do plants grow better with different types of soil

drake, 11:

The ozone layer

ashlyn, 12:

I would like to go to space and study all the different things up there. Evrything about stars, constellations and planets really interest me!!!!

Lehcar, 5:

I would research the planetsand if there was any kind of life form living on that planet.

Funding provided by the William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation at AAAS.