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AAAS Resources

125th Anniversary: Science presents the greatest mysteries of our time

DC ACTS: Action coalition in DC public schools

Science News for Kids on EurekAlert!: Breaking news for kids

Kinetic City Mission to Vearth: Kids' interactive Web site

Public Science Day: Local programs

Resources for Parents: Materials for parents and others

Roadmaps & Rampways: Profiles of students with disabilities

Science + Literacy: Drug education program

Science Books & Films: The authoritative guide to science resources

Science in the Summer: Free science education program

Science Linkages in the Community (SLIC): For community-based organizations and schools

Science Linkages in the Community (SLIC) Technical Assistance: Professional development workshops

Science NetLinks: Free, quality Internet content

Science, Tech & Disability: Internships for students with disabilities

SunWise: Sun safety education

Funding provided by the William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation at AAAS.