EurekAlert! Statement Regarding an Erroneous News Release Posted 18 January 2011

The following statement relates to reporter Suzanne Goldberg's 19 January article on The Guardian online,

The non-profit research news service EurekAlert! deeply regrets the accidental posting of an erroneous news release on 18 January 2011. The news release was swiftly removed from EurekAlert!, and staff are taking steps to set the record straight with all reporters who had seen it.

The news release, submitted by Marshall Hoffman of Hoffman & Hoffman public relations on behalf of Universal Ecological Fund (Fundacin Ecolgica Universal FEU-US), reported a rate of global warming inconsistent with other respected sources of information regarding global climate change.

EurekAlert! is a non-profit research news service, supported by a global consortium of leading science, technology, health, and social science institutions, providing free public access to an array of science-related information as well as free embargoed access for journalists.

Each day, EurekAlert! staff members use a general checklist to determine the eligibility of up to 100 news release submissions, and to proofread submissions for typographical or common-sense errors. But we rely mostly on the submitting organization to ensure the veracity of the scientific content of the news release; we try to exclude unreliable information providers on the front-end of our screening process.

Reporters, who are the primary readers of our site, are a critical additional safeguard against erroneous information because they alert us to any problems. EurekAlert! has today set up a new e-mail address for reporting concerns, questions, or errors posted to our site:

Fortunately, we very rarely have problems with information posted to EurekAlert!. We deeply regret that the system failed yesterday, and we appreciate the help we received from reporters who are now setting the record straight.

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