EurekAlert! services for reporters and PIOs are currently unavailable.

The EurekAlert! public "read-only" pages are now online. Embargoed news sections remain offline as our IT team works around the clock to put strong safeguards in place to repel future cyber-attacks. This means that public information officers are still unable to log onto EurekAlert! to submit news releases, and reporters cannot log on to browse potential science-news stories.

We have been persistent in our efforts to facilitate the dissemination of science news, however. EurekAlert! team members have been working closely with journal publishers to distribute embargoed press packages to registered reporters via e-mail, and to connect reporters with public information officers. AAAS has further pledged to provide a complimentary extension of annual subscriptions to reflect the current loss of service to institutions that contribute newsworthy content to our website.

Our IT team has rebuilt the entire EurekAlert! system environment and subjected it to multiple rounds of cyber-security testing. All 300,000 news releases in our archive have been migrated to the new system environment over the past few days - an undertaking that typically takes weeks. Now, the team is putting a redoubled firewall in place to protect the site's underlying structure and content. They are also repeatedly testing all encrypted connections and strengthening the password protocol. These improvements are being implemented as quickly as possible, but without taking any short-cuts or in any way compromising the rigor of our new security system.

The integrity of our site's content and the security of our registrants' login information continue to drive all of our efforts. We have made the difficult decision to remain offline until we can ensure that EurekAlert! meets the highest standards of Internet security. Barring unforeseen challenges, continued improvements may require another week of round-the-clock work.

The re-launch of EurekAlert! is our top priority. We are now on the runway for a successful re-launch, and we know that the new EurekAlert! will be stronger, more secure, and faster than before. We look forward to unveiling it soon.