Annual Subscription Benefits

  • Unlimited posting of eligible1 press releases on EurekAlert! — eligible press releases will appear on both the EurekAlert! Web site and in customized e-mail alerts sent to registered reporters
  • Access to a secure area for posting sensitive information exclusively for journalists, such as embargoed news about upcoming reports in peer-reviewed journals2
  • Automatic archiving of all news releases in an easily retrievable system
  • Monthly audit reports indicating the number of viewings each of your news releases receives
  • Links to your institution's home page and research publications
  • Unlimited posting of eligible meetings, press conferences, and events on EurekAlert!'s Calendar
  • Access to EurekAlert!'s Journal Directory, which features embargo policies, publication schedules, and chief contacts for more than 200 scientific journals
  • Ability to post images to EurekAlert!'s searchable Multimedia Gallery

1Material eligible for posting to EurekAlert! includes the following: research results published in peer-reviewed journals or reported at scientific meetings; science policy news; information about substantive scientific, medical, or technological research; news relating to the business or economics of science, and announcements about scientific press conferences, meetings, grants, awards, and newly published books. EurekAlert! does not accept submissions concerning faculty appointments or administrative reports. AAAS has final authority over EurekAlert! content and screens all submissions for suitability. AAAS does not edit material posted to the system. Individual providers are responsible for the material they submit.

2EurekAlert! will take reasonable steps to maintain the security of this area and to make embargoed materials available only to reporters who have registered with EurekAlert! for access to such materials, but will not be responsible for breaches of such security or embargoes by reporters or others. Should EurekAlert! become aware of any actions that compromise the site's security or editorial integrity, EurekAlert! reserves the right to revoke posting privileges and/or access to the site and retain all fees paid in exchange for use of the site.

Sequential liability clauses will not be accepted.

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