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University to host major international architectural heritage conference

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University of Portsmouth

The 7th International Conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH): Sustainability will bring together experts from around the world to discuss a variety of topics on this year’s theme of sustainability. 

Discussions will include the relationship between cultural heritage preservation and sustainable development, linking theories to practice and vice versa, along with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. Other topics include architectural heritage and its relations to sustainability, links to the environment, conservation efforts and techniques, management methodologies, novel innovations and technologies, and more. 

Dr Tarek Teba, Associate Professor in Architectural Heritage at the University of Portsmouth, said: “As the chair of the conference and the chair of the University’s Heritage Hub, I am delighted to welcome a wide range of international experts and academics with local heritage bodies and stakeholders in the city to explore matters related to heritage and sustainable development in light of the different environmental, economic and social challenges the world is facing nowadays. I hope the conference will be the key starting point for further national and international collaborations in this interdisciplinary field." 

The International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange (IEREK) organised its first International Conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage back in 2015 on board the ‘Grand Palm’ Nile Cruiser. Since then, the conference has been hosted at different universities across the world. This year the international conference will be held in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth from 12 to 14 September.

Dr Antonino Di Raimo, co-chair of the conferences and Associate Professor in Architecture added: "I consider this event as a significant step toward a more integrated approach, where sustainability playing its paradigmatic role can inform heritage projects at different levels and articulate with more effectiveness both aesthetic and socio-economic values along with their repercussions within on current built and unbuilt environment. The conference also shows how the need for an interdisciplinary approach in which the notion of sustainability plays the role of unifying paradigm is currently a growing and tangible reality, as many international presented case studies clearly show."

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