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The World Mitochondria Society will host Targeting Mitochondria 2023 with challenging visions in Berlin

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Mitochondria-Microbiota Task Force

The World Mitochondria Society will host Targeting Mitochondria 2023 in Berlin


Network with over 210 participants and stay updated with the latest advancements and research on mitochondria at Targeting Mitochondria 2023.

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Credit: World Mitochondria Society

Targeting Mitochondria 2023

Location: Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt, Berlin 

Date: October 11-13

Network with over 210 participants and stay updated with the latest advancements and research on mitochondria. With more than 83 communications, this year's event promises to expand your understanding of mitochondria and its pivotal role in health and disease.

Mitochondria will pave the way for the next breakthroughs in medicine, stated Prof. Volkmar Weissig, president of the World Mitochondria Society (WMS), and Prof. Marvin Edeas Chairman of the scientific committee. We are impressed with the caliber of speakers and the groundbreaking topics presented. The recent discoveries in the realm of mitochondria, coupled with innovative approaches to treat various diseases linked to mitochondrial alterations, have been enlightening.

“We are undoubtedly at the era of deep transformation, shaping the medicine of tomorrow” Stated Volkmar Weissig and Marvin Edeas.


Highlighted WMS Speakers 2023

  • Vladimir Gogvadze, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Alessandro Prigione, Heinrich Heine University (HHU) Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Ian Holt, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia, Spain
  • Paul Hwang, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, USA
  • Paolo Bernardi, University of Padova, Italy
  • James McCully, Boston Children’s Hospital, USA
  • María Luz Martínez-Chantar, CIC bioGUNE, Spain
  • Carsten Culmsee, University of Marburg, Germany
  • Egbert Mik, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
  • Peter Rehling, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany
  • Marta Murgia, University of Padova, Italy
  • Nils Wiedemann, Universität Freiburg, Germany
  • Jiri Neuzil, Griffith University, Australia
  • Lawrence Grossman, Wayne State University, USA
  • Mercedes Rincon, University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine, USA
  • Patrick J. Rochette, Université Laval, Canada
  • Afshin Beheshti, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, USA
  • Giuseppe Orlando, Wake Forest University, USA
  • Yuma Yamada, Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Marc-André Sirard, Université Laval, Canada
  • Mark S. Kindy, University of South Florida, USA
  • Sang-Bing Ong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  • Arupratan Das, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA
  • Ciro Leonardo Pierri, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

You can learn about all the communication that will be presented in the Targeting Mitochondria 2023 program.


Who is attending Targeting Mitochondria 2023?

Attendees from 30+ different countries will be gathered at the WMS 14th World Congress.

Among the attending industries:

Stealth Therapeutics, Mitotech, Anklam Extrakt GmbH, Cellvie Bio, CERES BRAIN Therapeutics, Danone Nutrica Research, Droia Labs - Metaptys NV, IXEAL, Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd. , medDigital, Mitoq, mse Pharmazeutika GmbH, Nanolive, syntivia, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UCB Pharma SRL…

Among the academic attendees:

Åbo Akademi University, Aging and Inflammation Research Lab (INIBIC), Biomedical Sciences Research Centre, BiomedicalCenter Speyer, CHA university, Charles University, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, China Agricultural University, Columbia University, Comenius University in Bratislava, Czech Academy of Sciences, De Montfort University, Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen, Erasmus Medical center, Eurac research, Fondazione Ricerca Biomedica Avanzata Onlus, Foundation for Liver Research, Freie Universitat, General University Hospital, Hokkaido University, IMol Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute Pasteur, Instituto Nacional de Cardiología, IUF – Leibniz-Institut für umwelt- medizinische Forschung GmbH, Johns Hopkins Uinversity….


Supporters of the 14th WMS World Congress: 

Thanks to Stealth Biotherapeutics and Mitotech for supporting this year’s meeting.

Also, the Journal of Mitochondria, Plastids and Endosymbiosis will be publishing the abstracts of Targeting Mitochondria 2023.

For comprehensive details on speakers, topics, and event schedules, please visit the official Targeting Mitochondria 2023 website:

Join us in Berlin and be at the forefront of mitochondrial research!

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