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Russo–Ukrainian War: Implications for the Asia Pacific


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Why did the Biden administration commit itself to Ukraine's reconquest of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea before February 24, 2022? Do the prospective planetary benefits justify the cost? In his new book, Russo–Ukrainian War: Implications for the Asia Pacific, University of North Carolina’s Professor of Economics Steven Rosefielde documents and explores Washington's various motives, evaluates the likely planetary net benefit and elaborates lessons for superpower conflict in the Asia Pacific.

The book interprets Russia's invasion of Ukraine as part of a complex double game where the Kremlin and Washington simultaneously spar, bluffing for high stakes despite catastrophic risks in the name of lofty ideals, while pursuing expedient default agendas. It also stresses how, in the Asia Pacific, the war reconfirms Chinese President Xi Jinping's perception that Washington is committed to low-cost, regime-changing Cold War with China to preserve its status as the world's preeminent superpower, encouraging him to accelerate Beijing's arms buildup.

The distinctive characteristic of Russo–Ukrainian War is its impartiality. It does not prejudge heroes and villains. It concentrates on identifying key facts and concepts, focusing on the willfulness of primary actors, the imperative of compromise, and the need for adjudicating conflict to enhance the planetary good.

Russo–Ukrainian War: Implications for the Asia Pacific is written for impartial readers striving to discern the causes, conduct, geopolitical consequences and policy implications of Russo-Ukrainian War obscured by motivated advocacy. It retails for US$118 / £105 (hardcover) and is also available in electronic formats. To order or know more about the book, visit


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Steven Rosefielde is Professor of Economics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He received his PhD from Harvard University, and is a Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN).

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