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JMIR Public Health and Surveillance call for papers theme issue on preventive strategies

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JMIR Public Health and Surveillance Call for Papers Theme Issue on Preventive Strategies


JMIR Public Health and Surveillance Call for Papers Theme Issue on Preventive Strategie

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JMIR Public Health and Surveillance Editor-in-Chief: Travis Sanchez and guest editors Dr. Roy Rillera Marzo, Dr. Adnan Kisa, Petra Heidler and Shekhar Chauhan welcome submissions to a special theme issue examining "Scaling Up Effective Public Health Interventions for Long-Term Population Health Benefits."

This special issue aligns with the journal’s commitment to advancing knowledge in public health and disease prevention. It provides an opportunity to showcase cutting-edge research in preventive strategies, with an emphasis on scalability and long-term health benefits. 

By focusing on this topic, the journal invites contributions to continue the global discussion on improving health outcomes through evidence-based preventive measures, strengthening its role as a leading platform in the field of public health.

We invite submissions on a variety of topics of interest for this collection, including but not limited to:

  • The impact of digital health interventions on chronic disease prevention
  • Scaling up mental health interventions in schools
  • Effectiveness of community-based lifestyle intervention programs
  • The role of vaccination in preventing infectious diseases
  • Health policy and legislation for tobacco and alcohol control
  • The potential of telemedicine in scaling up health interventions
  • Cost-effectiveness of preventive strategies in health care
  • Nutritional interventions for chronic disease prevention
  • The role of physical activity in preventive health
  • Social marketing strategies for health promotion
  • Preventive strategies in workplace for occupational health
  • Health literacy and its role in disease prevention
  • Environmental interventions for public health
  • Maternal and child health: preventive approaches
  • The impact of urban planning on public health
  • School-based interventions for adolescent health
  • The role of primary care in disease prevention
  • Health insurance policies and preventive care
  • The role of pharmacists in public health and prevention
  • Integrating mental health in primary care: preventive approaches

This special issue, focusing on scalable preventive strategies, offers a timely and significant contribution to the scientific literature. The aim is to stimulate further research and discussion, leading to the development and implementation of effective, scalable preventive strategies.

The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2024. All accepted manuscripts will be published as part of the JMIR Public Health and Surveillance special issue titled “Scaling Up Effective Public Health Interventions for Long-term Population Health Benefits.”

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