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ISSCR and Cell Press renew publishing agreement for Stem Cell Reports

The Partnership strengthens the journal’s mission to advance stem cell research and regenerative medicine

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International Society for Stem Cell Research

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) and publisher Cell Press are extending their partnership to publish the ISSCR’s open access, peer-reviewed journal, Stem Cell Reports. For more than a decade, Stem Cell Reports has served as an important point of convergence for the stem cell research and regenerative medicine field.  

“We are delighted to continue working with Cell Press to provide an outlet for our members and the community to publish impactful and high-quality science,” said Amander T. Clark, ISSCR President. “Our collective efforts to enhance author experience and create exceptional opportunities for our community to share research and commentaries have been instrumental in advancing scientific discovery.”

“Cell Press is thrilled to renew its partnership with the ISSCR and Stem Cell Reports, enabling us to accelerate collaboration between our research communities,” says Hélène Hodak, Executive Publisher, Cell Press Societies. “We support our partner journal in its vision to encourage more transparency, rigor, and innovative approaches that will advance the stem cell field.”

The journal’s impact has grown profoundly over recent years, providing greater visibility and opportunity for authors. Several recent innovations at the journal are designed to help authors expedite publication. Stem Cell Reports can now accept direct transfer of manuscripts from other Cell Press titles. The journal is also now part of Cell Press Multi-Journal Submission, a mechanism that allows authors to submit their manuscript for simultaneous consideration by multiple Cell Press titles of their choosing. Further, authors whose manuscript is reviewed and declined at another journal can submit the manuscript to Stem Cell Reports with the review comments for expedited peer review. Finally, the journal supports authors who wish to report novel findings—that may not yet be fully developed into an in-depth story—in the journal’s Reports format. These enhancements developed in partnership with Cell Press further solidify Stem Cell Reports as a leading publication for the field.

Author fees from Stem Cell Reports support groundbreaking ISSCR initiatives that benefit the field, most recently the Standards for Human Stem Cell Use in Research,  released in early June. Additional initiatives include the Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation, global public policy activities, and the development clinical and public education resources.

About Stem Cell Reports
Stem Cell Reports is the open access journal of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) communicating basic discoveries in stem cell research, in addition to translational and clinical studies. Launched in 2013, Stem Cell Reports focuses on original research with conceptual or practical advances that are of broad interest to stem cell biologists and clinicians.

About the International Society for Stem Cell Research
With 4,700+ members from more than 70 countries, the International Society for Stem Cell Research is the preeminent global, cross-disciplinary, science-based organization dedicated to stem cell research and its translation to the clinic. The ISSCR mission is to promote excellence in stem cell science and applications to human health.


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