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Developing a new perspective for the EU beekeeping sector: B-GOOD legacy booklet

The EU Horizon 2020 project B-GOOD has published a special Legacy booklet to showcase its main achievements and key research for the past four and a half years.

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B-GOOD legacy booklet


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Credit: B-GOOD Project

The aim of the B-GOOD project (Giving Beekeeping Guidance By Computational-Assisted Decision Making) was to pave the way towards healthy and sustainable beekeeping within the European Union by following a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. By merging data from within and around beehives, as well as wider socioeconomic conditions and by developing and testing innovative tools to perform risk assessments, B-GOOD provided guidance for beekeepers and helped them make better and more informed decisions.

The communication of scientific information and the transformation of scientific results into practical recommendations are integral to the project’s success. To do so, B-GOOD has published a special Legacy booklet dedicated to the project’s main achievements and key research. Their visual impact promotes memorability, making complex concepts more digestible and they demonstrate real-world applications more easily.

The first part summarises the key findings of each work package, thus offering a glimpse into what B-GOOD has achieved throughout the project’s duration. In the spirit of delivering practice-relevant research outputs, the second part of the new booklet contains a section for its key published research papers, focusing on the publications’ main outcomes with practical value. It contains 15 graphical abstracts produced thus far, providing concise recommendations on the benefits to the stakeholder when the generated knowledge is implemented.

Professor Dirk de Graaf, B-GOOD’s coordinator, says “Over the past four and a half years, the B-GOOD project has given us the opportunity to develop a new perspective for the beekeeping sector in Europe. The use of advanced technologies was herewith not avoided. While this new perspective initially looked very futuristic and perhaps even daring, it has now become really concrete and we notice a growing enthusiasm among the actors in the beekeeping sector. The legacy of B-GOOD cannot be underestimated. I am proud that I was able to be part of this.”

Access the legacy booklet here.

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