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Auburn University invites aspiring physicists to PhD program information meeting

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Auburn University Department of Physics

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Credit: Auburn Physics

Auburn University's Department of Physics is hosting a special meeting targeting college students passionate about pursuing a PhD in Physics. This engaging event is set for December 8 at 2 PM Central Time. Interested individuals can join the session virtually via Zoom at

Studying Physics at Auburn University is an immersive journey into the universe's fundamental principles. Our PhD program offers a robust foundation in physics and promotes groundbreaking research and discovery. Known for small class sizes and personalized attention, the program ensures each of our approximately 75 students receive dedicated support, leading to a more enriching learning experience. This approach is key to our educational philosophy and essential for student success. A PhD in Physics from Auburn prepares students to be skilled scientists and problem-solvers, offering opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and gain insights from our expert faculty.

The Department of Physics boasts the state-of-the-art Leach Science Center, a $24 million, 62,000 square-foot expansion featuring the latest technology and inviting study areas. We host diverse research groups in six areas: Atomic Physics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Plasma Physics, Space Physics, and Discipline-based Education Research (DBER). Each group provides unique specializations and research opportunities.

A program highlight is the hands-on research experience. Students participate in internationally recognized projects, contributing to high-impact journal publications. These opportunities enhance practical skills and deepen understanding of physics.

Furthermore, Auburn University is a rapidly growing R1 institution, ranked among the top 50 public schools in the US by USNews 2024, highlighting its commitment to academic excellence and research leadership.

The upcoming information session is a valuable opportunity for anyone pursuing a PhD in Physics. It's informative for both domestic and international students, offering insights into Auburn's offerings and a chance to interact with our faculty. We invite aspiring physicists to explore the exciting opportunities at Auburn University's Department of Physics.

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