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January issues of APA journals cover antidepressant outcomes, disparities in school-based support, civil commitment hearings, and more

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WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan 2, 2024 — The latest issues of three American Psychiatric Association journals, The American Journal of Psychiatry, Psychiatric Services and The American Journal of Psychotherapy are now available online.

The January issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry features studies focusing on improving clinical outcomes and informing new interventions. Highlights include:

  • Predicting Acute Changes in Suicidal Ideation and Planning: A Longitudinal Study of Symptom Mediators and the Role of the Menstrual Cycle in Female Psychiatric Outpatients With Suicidality.
  • Real-World Evidence on Clinical Outcomes of Commonly Used Antidepressants in Older Adults Initiating Antidepressants for Depression: A Nationwide Cohort Study in Denmark.
  • Recent Secular Trends of Body Mass Index in Individuals with Bipolar Disorders and in the General Population.
  • An Avenue for Optimization of Theta Burst Stimulation Protocols? Comments on the FOUR-D Randomized Noninferiority Clinical Trial.
  • Sustained Efficacy of Stanford Neuromodulation Therapy (SNT) in Open-Label Repeated Treatment.
  • Commentary:  Must Psilocybin Always “Assist Psychotherapy”?; Letter to the Editor:  Psychological Support for Psilocybin Treatment: Reply to Letters on Our Commentary.

The January issue of Psychiatric Services features  

  • Attributes of Provider Referrals for Digital Mental Health Applications in an Integrated Health System, 2019–2021.
  • Disparities in the Implementation of School-Based Mental Health Supports Among K–12 Public Schools.
  • Virtual Civil Commitment Hearings: Convenience at the Cost of Compromised Communication and Safety Assessments.
  • Acceptance of Insurance by Psychiatrists and Other Physicians, 2007–2016.
  • Trends in Opioid Use Disorder Outpatient Treatment and Telehealth Utilization Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Navigating a Broken System: The State of Mental Health in Child Welfare.

Also available is the latest issue of The American Journal of Psychotherapy, which features:

  • Clinical Trainee Perspectives on the Implementation of Trauma-Focused Training.
  • Rediscovering Interpersonal Punctuation.
  • Fidelity Assessment of Peer-Delivered Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Postpartum Depression.
  • Sensory Disability and Psychotherapy Training: A Call for Inclusion.

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