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To explore an alternative urbanization that is different from the present through historical environment preservation and regeneration—an interview with Aya Kubota

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The unchanged townscape of Tsumago, which has been preserved for a long time.


The unchanged townscape of Tsumago, which has been preserved for a long time.

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Credit: Aya Kubota

Aya Kubota stands out in studies of community development projects ranging from small historical towns to major metropolitan areas, covering topics on urban planning, townscape preservation, and environmental improvement and conservation, etc. In this interview, she shares thoughts on historical environment preservation and regeneration, taking her practices in Japan for example. From her point of view, local subjectivity is essential. The dynamism of localization supports the preservation and regeneration practices, presenting an alternative way of urbanization. There might be conflicts between the local and non-local subjects in such practices, but the conflicts are healthy. Regarding the preservation and utilization of the “Legacy of Catastrophe,” she holds that city planning taking historical environments into consideration is an important progress. It is vital to engage local residents in the planning process and weigh up what should be preserved, how should they be conveyed, and to whom. For the regeneration of urban historical resources, the most challenging aspect is the need to examine the current situations, where our lives and ways of life have been completely influenced by external forces, and reevaluate our values. Although there are always risks associated with professional involvement, it is necessary to take some measures to preserve or repair the historical environments, in which process the ability to think as own self as the local residents is an important ability.


The work entitled “To Explore an Alternative Urbanization That Is Different From the Present Through Historical Environment Preservation and Regeneration—An Interview With Aya Kubota” was published on the journal of Landscape Architecture Frontiers.

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