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B-Cubed’s hackathon to innovate with biodiversity analysis

By bringing together diverse perspectives, the event seeks to harness the power of data visualisation, empowering policymakers to make informed decisions about global biodiversity.

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B-Cubed’s hackathon: Hacking Biodiversity Data Cubes For Policy


B-Cubed’s hackathon: Hacking Biodiversity Data Cubes For Policy

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Credit: B-Cubed Project

B-Cubed’s hackathon – taking place between 2-5 April 2024 in Brussels, Belgium – is a dynamic four-day event that aims to innovate with biodiversity analysis by leveraging the power of data cubes.

Registration for the Hackathon is now open, allowing participants to secure their spot here by 29 February 2024. 

The event is a unique opportunity for participants, both coders and non-coders, to collaborate and contribute to the standardisation of biodiversity data by experimenting with data cubes. For everyone curious to know more about the concept of data cubes, B-Cubed has a video explaining what a data cube is and how it helps biodiversity monitoring. 

Participants will form teams and work on developing solutions to address obstacles in biodiversity analysis, which will later be pitched to a jury panel. The top three teams will be selected based on their proficiency in efficiently integrating data cubes, innovative problem-solving, and the effectiveness of visualising their work for policymakers.

As the Hackathon enters its registration phase, eleven exceptional projects have been accepted, covering a range of biodiversity challenges and providing participants with exciting opportunities to contribute their expertise. Curious individuals are invited to explore detailed project descriptions, goals, and required skills on the Hackathon website

Secure your spot in one of the projects and join us in shaping the future of biodiversity data.

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