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Prof. Sung-Bom Pyun took office as the 33rd dean of Korea University College of Medicine

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Korea University College of Medicine

On November 1, Professor Sung-Bom Pyun assumed the role of the 33rd Dean of Korea University School of Medicine. His term spans two years, from November 1st, 2023, to October 31st, 2025.


Dean Sung-Bom Pyun previously served as the head of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Anam Hospital. He specializes in brain disease rehabilitation, cognitive language disorders, dysphagia, delayed language development, and neuromuscular diseases. Alongside providing medical treatment, he has dedicated himself to advancing medicine through extensive research, evidenced by numerous academic papers. 


Moreover, he holds leadership roles in several prestigious medical associations, including as the academic director of the Korean Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, director of the Korean Society for NeuroRehabilitation, publishing director of the Korean Dysphagia Society, director of the Korean Society of Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation Medicine, and director of the Korean Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine. Dean Pyun is widely trusted and esteemed as a leader in the field of medicine due to his active involvement in various external activities.


Simultaneously, new personnel have been appointed to Vice Dean positions: Prof. Hyun-soo Kim from the Department of Anatomy as Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof. Cheol-Woong Jeong from the Department of Transplantation and Vascular Surgery at Anam Hospital as Vice Dean of Education, Prof. Seon-wook Hwang from the Graduate School of Korea University School of Medicine as Vice Dean of Research, Prof. Won-seok Choi from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Ansan Hospital as Vice Dean of Students, and Prof. Jin-Oh Na from the Department of Cardiology at Guro Hospital as Vice Dean of External Exchange.

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