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Andalibi to receive funding for Perthera Tissue Bank

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George Mason University

Andalibi To Receive Funding For Perthera Tissue Bank 

Ali Andalibi, Senior Associate Dean, College of Science, is set to receive funding for: "Perthera Tissue Bank." 

FFPE samples from Perthera will be housed in the cold room in the Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research (IABR). The Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, and the staff member will be checking on the samples on a regular basis to ensure that the samples are safely stored and that the storage conditions, such as temperature, are appropriate.                                                                                             

Andalibi and Emanuel Petricoin, Co-Director, Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine (CAPMM), will be responsible for working together to coordinate and receive the Perthera biobank samples in both FFPE block and slide form, coordinate activities between them to ensure proper storage at four degrees centigrade, as well as oversight and routine maintenance of the biospecimens (e.g., monitoring organization and storage temperature, etc.).   

Petricoin will be responsible for overseeing and maintaining any associated biospecimen electronic databases and cross-checking the database with actual sample inventory.  

Petricoin will also be responsible for packaging and sending out to third-party Perthera clients, with all shipping costs paid for by Perthera.   

Andalibi will receive $6,000 from Perthera for this project. Funding will begin in Jan. 2024 and will end in July 2024. 


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