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Sarcopenia - an emerging syndrome of advancing age

Special compilation of critical reviews and original work featured in Calcified Tissue International & Musculoskeletal Research

Peer-Reviewed Publication

International Osteoporosis Foundation

A new special issue of Calcified Tissue International & Musculoskeletal Research presents a series of critical reviews and original work that embodies the current state of the art related to our understanding of the pathogenesis, clinical implications, and potential targets of therapeutic interventions for sarcopenia.

In his editorial, special issue editor Professor Roger A. Fielding, states, “Since the original definition of sarcopenia as the age-associated decline in muscle mass, the research community has struggled with the application of appropriate methodologies to precisely and accurately measure muscle mass in humans. The topics in this special issue highlight the remarkable progress that has been made to date on the evaluation, management, and development of therapeutic interventions.”

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Journal Editors-in-Chief, Professors René Rizzoli and Stuart Ralston state, “We thank Roger Fielding, Calcified Tissue International’s musculoskeletal research editor, for compiling this special issue with its innovative original research and important reviews. We are confident that readers working in the sarcopenia and muscle field will find this to be a ‘must-read’ issue.”


About Calcified Tissue International & Musculoskeletal Research
Calcified Tissue International & Musculoskeletal Research is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes original preclinical, translational and clinical research, and reviews concerning the structure and function of bone, and other musculoskeletal tissues in living organisms, as well as clinical studies of musculoskeletal disease. It includes studies of cell biology, molecular biology, intracellular signalling, and physiology, as well as research into the hormones, cytokines and other mediators that influence the musculoskeletal system. The journal also publishes clinical studies of relevance to bone disease, mineral metabolism, muscle function, and musculoskeletal interactions.
2022 Impact Factor: 4.2, 5-Year Impact Factor: 4.1 

Editors in Chief: Stuart Ralston and René Rizzoli; Musculoskeletal Research Section Editor: Roger Fielding

About IOF
The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is the world's largest nongovernmental organization dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal diseases. IOF members, including committees of scientific researchers as well as more than 330 patient, medical and research organizations, work together to make fracture prevention and healthy mobility a worldwide heath care priority. @iofbonehealth

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