Feature Story | 11-Jan-2024

Early colorectal cancer screening saves lives in Slovakia: Patient's voice

Insights about the importance of early screening from a patient's perspective, Ingrid Hricová

BGI Genomics

Ingrid Hricová, or Inga to her friends, is not just a 54-year-old special education professional from Košice, Slovakia; she is a resilient voice in the fight against colorectal cancer. In this powerful narrative, Inga shares her insights on the importance of early screening and using COLOTECT®.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Slovakia has the second-highest incidence of colorectal cancer in the world, and Inga was well aware of this fact.

Five years ago, Inga's diagnosis of high blood pressure prompted her to delve into her health. Living in Slovakia, a country with the second-highest incidence of colorectal cancer globally, she was acutely aware of the risks. The personal tragedy of her father-in-law succumbing to colorectal cancer fueled her determination to be proactive about her health.

"I know it is necessary to go for a preventive colonoscopy, especially if you're over fifty years old. But we often hear of patients who have really bad experiences with colonoscopies. To be honest, this really scared me."

In her quest for a less invasive alternative, she came across BGI Genomics COLOTECT®, a DNA test that can detect colorectal cancer from a stool sample, and decided to take the test.

The test result was positive for one gene, indicating an early pre-cancerous stage, and Inga was referred for a colonoscopy, which confirmed the presence of pre-cancerous polyps.

Inga is grateful to undergo a non-invasive screening test, which helped her in detecting and preventing colorectal cancer at an early stage. She emphasizes, "If I hadn't taken this test, I would have probably been too scared to undergo the colonoscopy. That would have resulted in me developing colorectal cancer, potentially leading to a tragic outcome."

Preventive screening is crucial in the fight against cancer, and COLOTECT® emerges as a beacon of hope. Inga's story underscores the significance of taking control of our health to circumvent the devastating impact of cancer on our lives.

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