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JMIR Medical Informatics invites submissions on AI language models in health care

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JMIR Publications

JMIR Publications is pleased to announce a new section titled, “AI Language Models in Health Care” in JMIR Medical Informatics. This leading peer-reviewed journal is indexed in PubMed and has a unique focus on clinical informatics and the digitization of care processes. This section will have a broad focus and encompass topics about the successful implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) language models in diverse health care settings. The topics will include details about the process, use, outcomes, and factors that might influence successful model integration.   

JMIR Medical Informatics invites contributions that delve into the reliability, transparency, and evidence-based effectiveness of AI language models, shedding light on their real-world impact on patient care, medical education, research, and health care systems at large. 

AI language models hold substantial promise within health care settings but also come with challenges associated with their integration. Accordingly, we encourage submissions on topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Comparative analyses of policies and regulations across different countries
  • Conducive environments for global AI language model implementations
  • Strategies to ensure unbiased, reliable, transparent, and ethical use of AI language models in health care
  • Comprehensive methodologies for AI language model implementations in health care settings 
  • Case studies on the real-world impact and effectiveness of AI language models across various health care settings
  • Outcomes of AI language model implementation, including acceptability, adoption, feasibility, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, safety, and usability within health care settings 

All submissions will be rigorously peer reviewed, and accepted articles will be published as part of the “AI Language Models in Health Care” section. 

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