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Lowder & Foudray receive funding for Fairfax county peer recovery services evaluability assessment

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George Mason University

Lowder & Foudray Receive Funding For Fairfax County Peer Recovery Services Evaluability Assessment 

Evan Marie Lowder, Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law and Society, and Chelsea Foudray, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Criminology, Law and Society, received funding from County of Fairfax for: "Fairfax County Peer Recovery Services Evaluability Assessment." 

Lowder and Foudray are laying the groundwork for a formal evaluation of Fairfax County Peer Recovery Services (PRS) programming.  

For this portion of the research, they will:  

1) identify PRS programs for evaluation; 

2) review existing data collection mechanisms in identified programs; 

3) implement tracking mechanisms for peer recovery process measures;  

4) develop a quasi-experimental research design;  

5) identify and implement comparison groups; and  

6) implement tracking mechanisms for short-term and long-term outcomes in peer recovery and comparison programs. 

Lowder and Foudray received $75,000 from County of Fairfax for this project. Funding began in Jan. 2024 and will end in late June 2024. 


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