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Redox Medicine Society Announces Agenda for its 26th Annual Conference: Shaping the Future of Redox Medicine

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Redox Medicine Society Agenda


The Redox Medicine Society released the agenda of its 26th Annual International Conference: Redox Medicine 2024, to be held on June 27-28 in Paris, France

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Credit: Redox Medicine Society

The Redox Medicine Society is pleased to announce the release of the program, for its 26th International Conference on Redox Medicine. This conference, scheduled to take place from June 27 to June 28 2024 in Paris, France, is expected to bring together scientists, researchers and professionals from across the globe to explore the advancements and future prospects in redox science and its applications in clinical settings.

The Redox Medicine 2024 Conference will provide attendees with a program that includes speeches, informative sessions, practical demonstrations, round table discussions and collaborative sessions with industry leaders.


Redox Medicine 2024 Conference Highlights

Day 1 - Thursday, June 27, 2024

Keynote Speech: "Redox Medicine 2024: Where we are now and where we are heading?"

This presentation will give an overview of the state of Redox Medicine and provide a glimpse into upcoming advancements in the field.

Session 1: "Redox Balance in Health & Disease"

Covering the mechanistic insights of redox balance, the role of biomarkers in understanding disease mechanisms, and the interplay between biophysics, biology, and health.

Session 2: "Evaluation of Redox Status and Related Biomarkers"

Featuring presentations on unconventional methods, tools, AI applications, biosensors, and devices, accompanied by hands-on demonstrations with industry partners.

Round-table Discussion with the RMS Scientific Board:

Engaging session facilitating in-depth discussions on current challenges and opportunities in Redox Medicine.


Day 2 - Friday, June 28, 2024

Session 3: "The Future of Redox Medicine 2024: Innovative Directions and Emerging Trends"

Among topics included in this session:

  • Role of biomarkers in prevention and diagnosis
  • Potential of antioxidants and redox molecules
  • Integration of AI in Redox Medicine
  • Latest innovations in iron, redox, and ferroptosis research


Session 4: "Redox Medicine from Bench to Bedside, Companion Diagnostics"

Featuring collaborative insights from BioPharma, CRO, CDMO, and regulatory bodies.

Concluding Remarks & Redox Medicine 2024 Awards

Celebration of excellence, honoring recipients of awards for Best Scientific Contribution, Best Short Oral Presentation, and Best Poster Presentation.

Share your studies and be part of the Redox Medicine 2024 experience.


For more information about the conference program, speakers, registration and more, please visit the website:


About Redox Medicine Society

Since 1998, the Redox Medicine Society (RMS) is dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of redox science in health and disease. RMS aims to facilitate the translation of basic knowledge of redox science into molecular medicine and to discover innovative new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Through conferences, publications, and collaborations, the society seeks to promote innovation and excellence in the field of Redox Medicine and Science.

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