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Ochsner Health physician granted NIH Trailblazer Award

Dr. Hernan Bazan honored for innovation in non-opioid drug development amidst the opioid crisis

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Dr. Hernan Bazan


Dr. Hernan Bazan, an Ochsner Health physician and John Ochsner Endowed Professor of Cardiovascular Innovation

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Credit: Dr. Hernan Bazan

New Orleans, LA. - In response to the pressing need for new pain treatments during the opioid crisis, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has honored Dr. Hernan Bazan, an Ochsner Health physician and John Ochsner Endowed Professor of Cardiovascular Innovation, with the 2024 NIH Helping to End Addiction Long-term® Initiative, or NIH HEAL Initiative® Director’s Trailblazer Award.

The 2024 Trailblazer Awards were part of the 5th Annual NIH HEAL Initiative® Meeting, which took place February 7-8, 2024, in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Bazan was granted this award for applying innovative approaches and creativity in research, expanding research into addressing the pain and opioid crisis in new directions.

Pain affects more than 51 million people in the United States and 20% of the world's population. The opioid crisis resulted in a staggering 112,000 deaths in 2023, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Existing pain medications have notable drawbacks: opioids pose a high risk of addiction and overdose, while non-opioid options such as acetaminophen and NSAIDs can cause liver toxicity, kidney issues and gastrointestinal complications with prolonged usage. Moreover, treatments for neuropathic pain have been associated with depressive symptoms, highlighting the pressing requirement for safer and more efficient alternatives.

Dr. Hernan Bazan, who is also the CEO and co-founder of South Rampart Pharma, Inc., presented the development of a new non-opioid drug candidate during the recent NIH HEAL Initiative meeting in a talk entitled "Beyond Opioids: SRP-001's Journey from Lab to Clinic." During the presentation, Dr. Bazan focused on SRP-001, a non-opioid small molecule that received Fast Track designation for acute pain from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in October 2023. The talk underscored the critical need for cohesive action among NIH-supported biotechs, venture capital, and the pharmaceutical industry to solve the opioid crisis.

SRP-001 specifically targets the midbrain’s peri-aqueductal gray region without the toxicity risks associated with current pain medicines. The completion of a Phase 1 randomized clinical trial ( Identifier: NCT05484414) for SRP-001 showed its safety, tolerability, and robust pharmacokinetics, marking a significant step towards its use in treating acute and neuropathic pain.

Dr. Bazan stated, “The support from NIH leadership and the NIH’s small business office has been crucial in advancing SRP-001 to Phase 2 trials." He added, "This phase calls for increased collaboration between the pharmaceutical sector and financial investors focusing on CNS innovation to develop advanced pain treatments backed by strong science and clinical data.”

Pete November, the CEO of Ochsner Health, said, "Ochsner Health has a history of innovation and investing in ventures whose mission closely aligns with ours. Through Ochsner Ventures, we are proud to support the work of Dr. Bazan and South Rampart Pharma, Inc., as they aim to find more effective and safer treatments for pain. This recognition by the NIH confirms the importance of Dr. Bazan’s work, and we are honored for the chance to invest in their mission."

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About South Rampart Pharma, Inc.

South Rampart Pharma, Inc. is a clinical-stage life science company dedicated to advancing the safe treatment of pain by developing first-in-class novel small molecule solutions1 that overcome many risks associated with current pain medicines. The Company’s pipeline of novel compounds includes its lead clinical asset, SRP-001, which is a First-in-Class non-opioid novel small molecule with FDA Fast-Track Designation that targets the midbrain’s PAG region without opioids’ abuse risk, acetaminophen’s liver toxicity, and NSAIDs’ kidney toxicity2.  A recently completed Phase 1 randomized clinical trial demonstrated its safety, tolerability, and robust pharmacokinetics [ Identifier: NCT05484414], opening the clinical development pathway towards acute and neuropathic pain.

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