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Challenge Announcement: Global Initiative to Digitalize Scents by the Digital Olfaction Society Revolutionary Scent Digitalization Challenge 2025: Capturing Aromas to Reproduce Anywhere

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DOS 2025 Worldwide Scent Digitalization Challenge: Capturing Aromas to Reproduce Anywhere


DOS Challenge 2025: Capturing odors from one city, converting them into digital data, and then transmitting and reconstituting them in another place.

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Credit: Digital Olfaction Society (DOS)

Tokyo, The Digital Olfaction Society (DOS) announces a global initiative for 2025, aiming to digitize and transmit scents from various locations around the world for reproduction in Tokyo. This project intends to capture a wide range of fragrances representing the cultural diversity of the globe, leading to a significant development in Tokyo.

Invitation for Worldwide Participation

DOS invites teams from around the world to participate in this initiative. Whether located in major cities such as Berlin, New York, Dubai, or any place with a distinctive aroma, contributions are essential. The task involves digitizing a scent, sound, or image that represents the cultural essence of a location.

A team in Tokyo will work to accurately recreate these digital signatures, aiming to develop a device that accurately reflects each aroma's character. The reveal of this technology in 2025 is anticipated to be a landmark in the advancement of olfactory digitization.

Marvin Edeas, founder of DOS and chairman of the Scientific Board, states: "The goal is to advance this concept, making it possible to transform any scent source into digital media for everyday use. The objective is to develop devices that can record smells, convert them into digital data, and transmit and reproduce them as desired." This statement highlights the project's aim to integrate olfactory experiences seamlessly into digital mediums.

About the Digital Olfaction Society (DOS).

How to Apply to the DOS 2025 Tokyo – Worldwide Challenge

Details on the 8th World Congress of DOS which will be held this december in Tokyo

Additionally, DOS announces the 8th World Congress, scheduled in Tokyo, Japan, on December 5-6, 2024. The congress will focus on the intersection of scent and digital technology, furthering scientific and industrial progress.

Congress Highlights:

Day 1, December 5, 2024: Focus on advancements in olfaction science and scent-based diagnosis and treatment innovations.
Day 2, December 6, 2024: Overview of the current state and future of digital olfaction, including a showcase of the latest technologies.

You can visit the Digital Olfaction Society to learn more about the conference agenda.

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