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Dive into the future of molecular life sciences at #DiscoverBMB 2024

Press passes available for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting March 23–26 in San Antonio

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American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Which natural products are helping solve biotech challenges? How can enzymes supercharge biodegradation for a greener tomorrow? What role does RNA play in cancer and other diseases? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more at Discover BMB, the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, to be held March 23–26 in San Antonio.

Secure your front-row seat to cutting-edge findings, approaches and technologies in the biological sciences by registering for a complimentary press pass to attend in person or to access press materials electronically. Please note that only a limited number of complementary on-site press passes will be issued, so advance registration is recommended.

This year’s #DiscoverBMB program includes top experts unveiling groundbreaking discoveries and revolutionary approaches in biochemistry and molecular biology. Hot topics include:

Advances in natural product biochemistry and biotechnology

Name any biotechnology challenge and there’s a decent chance that Mother Nature already came up with a solution literally a billion years ago. Living organisms have a knack for producing useful molecules, and there’s a lot we can learn from them to speed up chemical reactions, find new drugs and produce chemical products sustainably. A plethora of discoveries in natural products from genomes, microbiomes and animals will be shared at this symposium. View the speakers

RNA biology

RNA is at the heart of some of the trendiest recent developments such as COVID-19 vaccines and CRISPR — and it’s only just getting started. Get up to speed on the science behind the headlines and find out why RNA is considered one of the most promising drug targets and platforms at this stimulating symposium. We’ll trace the RNA life cycle, probe how it’s translated into protein and find out how RNA regulation factors into neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. View the speakers

Cool and novel enzymes

Enzymes know how to make things happen! Find out how scientists are putting them to work in this symposium highlighting new discoveries about enzyme functions, mechanisms and applications. Meet enzymes that manage misbehaving metabolites and explore how they can be used to catalyze novel reactions, boost biodegradation and synthesize chemicals currently produced from petrochemicals. View the speakers

Signaling mechanisms in the nucleus

The nucleus has long been revered as the control center of eukaryotic cells. But what exactly regulates the intricacies of what goes on in there, what happens when things go awry and how could new therapeutic approaches help right the ship? This symposium will focus a new lens on longstanding questions about organism development, cellular identity and the genetic basis for disease. View the speakers

Microbial signaling, communication and metabolism

This symposium will catch you up on the latest microbial gossip as we listen in on the small-molecule signals bacteria use to communicate with each other, decipher how microbial machines coordinate massively complex regulatory and responsive strategies, and untangle the vast webs of interactions and intrigue within members of microbial communities. View the speakers

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The ASBMB is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization with more than 12,000 members worldwide. Founded in 1906 to advance the science of biochemistry and molecular biology, the society publishes three peer-reviewed journals, advocates for funding of basic research and education, supports science education at all levels, and promotes the diversity of individuals entering the scientific workforce.


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