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Call for articles: Trends in Peace and Sustainability

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Hiroshima University

The Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) at Hiroshima University is inviting submissions for Trends in Peace and Sustainability (TRENDS), an innovative academic platform dedicated to exploring the complex interplay between peace and sustainability. TRENDS aims to become a forum for scholars, professionals, and advocates to share their research, insights, and viewpoints on the pursuit of peace amid sustainability challenges. It aims to promote interdisciplinary engagement, stimulating conversation and catalyzing efforts towards a sustainable and peaceful future.

Contributors are invited to submit short articles, analyses, and commentary that explore the peace and sustainability nexus. More details are available through the TRENDS submission portal: Submissions will undergo a thorough review and editorial process. The editorial team consists of Dahlia SimanganJohn Lee Candelaria, and Joshua Fisher.

Check out the submission guidelines here.
Download TRENDS' call for submissions flyer here.


About Hiroshima University

Since its foundation in 1949, Hiroshima University has striven to become one of the most prominent and comprehensive universities in Japan for the promotion and development of scholarship and education. Consisting of 12 schools for undergraduate level and 4 graduate schools, ranging from natural sciences to humanities and social sciences, the university has grown into one of the most distinguished comprehensive research universities in Japan. English website:

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