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Frontiers at the UKSG 47th annual conference and exhibition

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Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow, Scotland

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Credit: Adam Marikar on Unsplash

As we eagerly anticipate the 2024 UKSG conference, it's time to mark our calendars and prepare for a unique event in scholarly communication. This year, the conference promises to be an invaluable opportunity for open access publishers and librarians to come together, share insights, and explore the latest advancements in scholarly publishing. 

At Frontiers, we recognize the value of attending and sponsoring the UKSG conference. We're happy to showcase our latest products and services at booth #20 and highlight the pivotal role institutional partnerships play in shaping the future of academic publishing.

Why attend the UKSG conference? 

The UKSG conference is a hub for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within the scholarly community. From thought-provoking sessions to engaging workshops and networking opportunities, attendees can connect with peers, exchange ideas, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the field. 

Brian O'Connor, institutional partnerships regional sales manager, said: "I am truly looking forward to attending the UKSG conference this year. This event provides immensely crucial opportunities to engage with librarians, understand their needs, and discuss innovative business models and improved service options".

Frontiers is also fortunate to be supporting early career professionals and underrepresented voices at UKSG. We want to actively contribute to the diversification of scholarly discourse, ensuring that a wide range of perspectives is represented in academic conversations.

This sponsorship not only enriches the research landscape but also aligns with our mission of making science open and providing equitable access to knowledge. By fostering inclusivity and supporting emerging scholars from diverse backgrounds, we collectively work towards creating a more vibrant and inclusive academic community.

"UKSG's strategic vision resonates with me, particularly the emphasis on inclusion, connection, innovation, and delivery," Brian continued, "the commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within the scholarly communications community underscores its role as a pioneer in the sector."

Our institutional partnerships program 

Institutional partnerships are at the heart of our commitment to advancing open access publishing. Our open access agreements simplify the process for authors publishing in Frontiers journals and contribute to the growing number of articles openly available worldwide.

"As the manager of our customer engagement team, I'm thrilled to attend UKSG this year. It's a fantastic chance for us to connect with our partners, actively listen to their needs and feedback, and collaborate to enhance the research experience for our members. I believe this interaction will help us foster strong relationships that prioritize exceptional customer service and drive positive change in the scholarly community", said Dr. Eva Guiducci, institutional partnerships customer experience manager at Frontiers.

By developing strong partnerships with universities and research institutions, we can expand access to scholarly resources, support academic communities, and streamline the publishing process.

Filipa Sousa, marketing manager for the institutional partnerships program, adds: "I see this as a great opportunity for our team to connect with fellow industry leaders, showcase the value of our open access agreements, and explore innovative solutions in collaboration with our partners. I'm eager to participate in meaningful conversations that can help forge new partnerships and drive progress to empower researchers worldwide."

Exploring cutting-edge publishing technologies 

Innovation is key to driving progress in academic publishing, and the UKSG conference provides a platform to explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are revolutionizing the way research is disseminated and accessed. 

From AI-powered editorial tools to review platforms, the conference offers a glimpse into the future of scholarly publishing. By staying abreast of the latest technological developments, we're better equipped to meet the evolving needs of our authors, readers, and institutional partners. 

"UKSG is a wonderful conference full of interesting sessions and discussions on current topics in publishing. I look forward to engaging with the library community, listening to different perspectives, and working together on innovative solutions to open up science," Dr. Helena Meskanen, institutional partnerships development team lead, concluded.

Meet with us

We invite you to join us at the 2024 UKSG conference for an enriching experience filled with insights, inspiration, and opportunities for collaboration. Together, let's unlock new possibilities and shape the future of academic publishing. 

  • When? 8-10 April 2024

  • Where? Scottish Event Campus (SEC), Glasgow, G3 8YW, UK

  • How? Drop by booth #20 or use the Whova app to connect with our experts

Transparent and collaborative agreements

More than 700 institutions across the world have an institutional partnership with Frontiers. If you want to learn more about our institutional agreements, contact us at today or visit our website

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