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Outstanding achievements of UNIST students at the 30th Samsung Humantech Paper Award ceremony!

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Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST)

Recipients of 2024 Samsung HumanTech Paper Awards at UNIST


Above are the recipients of 2024 Samsung HumanTech Paper Awards at UNIST.

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Credit: UNIST

Four exceptional UNIST students were honored for their outstanding academic and research achievements at the prestigious 30th Annual Samsung Humantech Paper Award ceremony.

Among the many eminent individuals, JungSoo Lee (Advisor: Professor Han Gi Chae) from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering notched the highest score and won the Gold Prize within the category of Energy & Environment. His groundbreaking research on enhancing the efficiency of thermoelectric power generation through the development of a new power generation device structure technology earned him this accolade. By focusing on optimizing the structure of a three-dimensional thermoelectric generator using copper selenide (Cu2Se) material, Lee has made significant strides in improving power generation efficiency.

SeokMin Shin (Advisor: Professor Youngkook Kwon), a student in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, was awarded the Bronze Award in the Energy & Environment category for his innovative catalytic technology. SeokMin Shin’s research focuses on converting carbon dioxide and nitrate into urea, a valuable substance, using a nickel and silver-based catalyst. His work not only addresses global warming and environmental pollution but also highlights the potential for sustainable production methods.

HyoBin Ham (Advisor: Professor BongSoo Kim) from the Department of Chemistry, also received the Bronze Award for his pioneering display technology. HyoBin Ham’s research centers on accurately patterning quantum dots using a specialized cross-linker material activated at low temperatures. By enabling precise patterning of quantum dots in various shapes, his work contributes to the advancement of next-generation display materials known for their exceptional image quality and luminous efficiency.

Muhibullah Al Mubarok (Advisor: Professor Sung-Yeon Jang), a student in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, was recognized for his development of a cathode interlayer that enhances the stability of tin-based perovskite batteries. Mubarok’s research addresses the challenge of stability in tin lead-based batteries, paving the way for improved lifespan and commercial viability.

The Samsung Humantech Award, established by Samsung Electronics in 1994, aims to recognize and nurture exceptional talent in the realm of science and technology. With categories including Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Participation Awards, this prestigious award celebrates innovation and excellence. UNIST has consistently produced winners since 2015, showcasing the university’s commitment to fostering groundbreaking research and academic excellence.

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