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All-laser direct writing (LDW) induced temperature sensing array with multitypes materials


All-laser direct writing (LDW) induced temperature sensing array with multitypes materials

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Credit: Qi Li, Ruijie Bai, Lianbo Guo, Yang Gao

Laser direct writing (LDW) current researches mostly generate single type of materials for sensing layers or electrodes, while the sensor with different types of materials by LDW method is lacked. Researchers led by Prof. Gao Yang from East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), China, are interested in expanded the application of LDW method, where can utilize the photo-thermal conversion, to synthesize materials and then engrave them with the desired morphologies and structures.

Focusing on the functionality of materials, the researchers use all-LDW method to generate laser induced silver (LIS) as electrodes and laser induced graphene (LIG) as temperature sensing layer without any assistant supporting. They investigate the relationship between LDW photothermal conversion and the morphology and structure of LIG and LIS by finite element analysis. Moreover, for regulating the sensing units with high sensitivity and electrodes with high stability, the anti-interfere strategy with the temperature and mechanical sensing is considered. By introducing a correction factor, a revised temperature calculation formula is carried out for smaller measurement deviations. The work entitled “All-laser direct writing process for temperature sensor based on graphene and silver” is published on Frontiers of Optoelectronics (published on Feb. 5, 2024).

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