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RegMIC announces Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina focused on accelerating regenerative medicine

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Winston-Salem, North Carolina – March 18, 2024 – The Regenerative Manufacturing Innovation Consortium (RegMIC), a leading organization focused on advancing the field of regenerative medicine, today announced its annual meeting, scheduled for May 15, 2024, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Charlotte Airport. RegMIC is an initiative from the Regenerative Medicine Development Organization (ReMDO).

This year’s meeting will convene industry leaders, researchers, and innovators to explore the latest advancements and opportunities in regenerative medicine across six key themes:

  1. Precision Medicine, Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Standardization and Quality Control
  3. Next Generation Biomanufacturing
  4. Shipping, Banking and Logistics
  5. Training and Workforce Development

The day-long event will feature presentations from renowned experts, including Dr. Ryan Spitler (ARPA-H) and Steve Bauer (ReMDO, former FDA), alongside panel discussions led by industry veterans like Tom Alapaattikoski (Brinter), Steven Lynum (Epredia), Mark Wolf (SAS), Jana Stoudemire (Axiom Space), and Hartmut Tintrup (CellBox).

RegMIC, an industry-led organization, is made up of more than 60 entities who are focused on making the advancement of the regenerative medicine field a reality. The consortium is based on the philosophy that pooling the talents, resources and ideas of members to tackle industry challenges offers the smoothest and most rapid path to advanced manufacturing. RegMIC identifies and develops consensus on manufacturing challenges through road-mapping efforts and provides guidance on strategic funding areas.

“We look forward to bringing together this group of thought leaders from all across the country to explore the critical issues shaping the future of regenerative medicine,” said Joshua Hunsberger, PhD, Chief Technology Officer for ReMDO. “This annual meeting provides a unique platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, ultimately accelerating the development and delivery of life-saving therapies.”

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About RegMIC

RegMIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the development and commercialization of regenerative medicine therapies. The organization convenes industry leaders, researchers, and innovators to address critical challenges and advance the field. For more information, visit

About ReMDO

RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to help deliver on the promise of regenerative medicine by conducting research to de-risk technologies, promoting progress of biomanufacturing scale-up and automation to make technologies more affordable, and speeding up the translation to clinical practice. For more information, visit

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