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Top multiple sclerosis neurologists & scientists to headline CMSC Annual Meeting for healthcare professionals

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) Annual Meeting features opening lectures as well as accredited symposia, courses, poster sessions, and platform presentations relevant to all MS healthcare professionals

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The leading research and educational conference for multiple sclerosis healthcare professionals in North America, the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) 38th Annual Meeting, returns to Nashville, Tennessee, May 29-June 1, 2024 at the Music City Center. The conference is renowned for its emphasis on reaching the interprofessional team involved in MS care, with learning opportunities for physicians, advanced practice clinicians, nursing professionals, pharmacists, mental health and rehabilitation specialists, dietitians, researchers, advocates and other members of the healthcare team involved in the management of people with MS.

            The CMSC Annual Meeting will feature daily opening lectures with some of the top minds in multiple sclerosis as well as accredited symposia, courses, poster sessions, and platform presentations relevant to all MS healthcare professionals. 

            Highlighted lectures include:

Beyond the Surface: Challenging Our Perceptions of Multiple Sclerosis;” presented by Dr. Darin Okuda. In his John F. Kurtzke Memorial Opening Lecture on May 29th, Dr. Okuda will provide direct evidence of visual limitations and the relationship to the interpretation of MRI data. The value of MRI conformational measures focused on 3-dimensional shape, structure, and surface characteristics that expand upon an understanding of multiple sclerosis and related disorders will also be discussed.

Dr. Fred Lublin will deliver the Presidential Lecture, “Multiple Sclerosis- 30 Years on From First Therapy: What Have We Learned,” on Thursday, May 30th. Dr. Lubin will cover how the explosion of information around disease pathogenesis, new therapeutic approaches and targets, 20+ new approved agents, improved MS diagnostics, better understanding of disease course and world-wide collaboration have improved the lives of people with MS.  He also will discuss how to utilize this experience in moving forward to better treat multiple sclerosis and in finding a cure.

The Whitaker Lecture on Friday, May 31st, by Dr. Jeffrey Cohen will be on “Updates on Cellular Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis.”  Several emerging cellular therapies have the potential to address the unmet needs of patients with highly active disease who experience continued relapses or new MRI lesions despite treatment with the available 20+ disease modifying therapies. Dr. Cohen will provide the latest update on these novel therapies. 

  The Donald Paty Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Ann Yeh on June 1st.  She will discuss “Changing the Trajectory of Progression in Pediatric Onset MS.”  She will focus specifically on the trajectory of outcomes in pediatric MS, and the importance of emerging evidence related to pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches that may change this trajectory.  Dr. Yeh will also present several interventional strategies that are currently being tested in young people with MS.

            “This year’s program features some of the leading medical authorities in evolving areas of MS science, diagnosis and treatment,” said June Halper, CEO, CMSC.  “MS is a complex and multi-faceted chronic illness, and healthcare professionals at the CMSC Annual Meeting will be immersed in the latest research findings as well as care strategies that can lead to optimal outcomes for patients and long-term disease management plans.”

            For more information about the CMSC Annual Meeting and the events and programs described, visit  Early bird registration is in effect until April 30th and the all-inclusive registration fee for the CMSC Annual Meeting includes access to the entire conference program, exhibits, organized meals, networking forums and most social events.


About CMSC

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) is the largest North American multidisciplinary membership organization dedicated to defining and advancing the standard of care of MS patients. Our mission is to promote high quality MS care through education, training, clinical research, networking, and targeted advocacy efforts. The CMSC includes a professional network of 15,500 healthcare clinicians and scientists and its membership represents the full spectrum of MS healthcare professionals: physicians, nursing professionals, advanced practice clinicians, pharmacists, rehabilitation and mental health professionals, registered dietitians, researchers, and patient advocates. The work of the CMSC directly influences the quality of care for hundreds of thousands of people living with MS and their families.

CMSC provides leadership in clinical research and education; develops vehicles to share information and knowledge among members; disseminates information to the healthcare community and to persons affected by MS; and develops and implements mechanisms to influence health care delivery. For more information visit


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