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Women in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

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A new study presents data reflecting the current state of female representation within the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The study is published in Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic MedicineClick here to read the article now.

Theda Kontis, MD, from Johns Hopkins Hospital, and coauthors, report that only 13% of 1421 surgeons in the AAFPRS membership are female. “Given the data presented in this study, a critical need exists to continue fostering the development of female surgeons in our specialty – not only for the sake of equality but also to strengthen the specialty as a whole,” state the investigators.

“To foster leadership opportunities for women in our specialty, we must first ensure the career longevity that is a prerequisite for such leadership positions, thus, it is critical also to address the professional well-being and professional satisfaction of female surgeons by targeting burnout and bias. Biases, including microaggressions and/or discrimination, which 73% of women have reported experiencing, are also associated with burnout.”

Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine Editorial Fellow Jennifer Shehan, MD, University of California, Davis, states: “The authors analyze historical female representation, but more importantly they offer a call to action for education, mentorship, and sponsorship of female facial plastic surgeons for the future. As a graduating facial plastic & reconstructive surgery fellow and as a woman, I look forward to the response to this publication and anticipate it leading the way for a stronger and unified future organization.”

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