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Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya: New Member of the Leopoldina (German National Academy of Sciences)

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Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society

Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya


Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya

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Credit: FHI

This election is not only a recognition of her outstanding scientific contributions but also marks a historic milestone for the Fritz Haber Institute (FHI). Prof. Dr. Roldán Cuenya is the first woman in the history of the institute to be appointed as a director and is currently the only active member of the institute's leadership within the ranks of the Leopoldina.

Since her appointment as director in 2017, Prof. Dr. Roldán Cuenya has significantly contributed to the mechanistic understanding of thermal and electrocatalytic processes. Her election to the Leopoldina, the world's oldest continuously existing science academy, is a testament to her impact in the development of her scientific field. It also acknowledges her commitment to promoting science for the benefit of society.

The Leopoldina has stood for scientific excellence and interdisciplinary cooperation for over 360 years. With 1600 members from over 30 countries and a rigorous selection process for new members, the academy represents the pinnacle of the scientific community. As the National Academy of Sciences, the Leopoldina plays a crucial role in representing German science in international bodies, addressing the scientific foundations of political and social issues, and contributing to a scientifically enlightened society.

The election of Prof. Dr. Roldán Cuenya underscores the significance of her work and the role she will play in these discourses. Currently, with only about 15% of its members being female across all scientific disciplines, Prof. Dr. Roldán Cuenya will also serve as a role model for early career female researchers.

The Fritz Haber Institute warmly congratulates Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya on this honorable recognition and looks forward to her further contributions to science and the promotion of the scientific community.

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