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Nuclear medicine highlighted in documentary series

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Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Reston, VA—The field of nuclear medicine is in the spotlight this season on the TV documentary Jobs of Tomorrow. The series, hosted by Kristin Marand, explores how technology and innovation drive the changing job market and impact the workforce.

Six episodes of this season of Jobs of Tomorrow highlight the many facets of nuclear medicine and the Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) members currently working in the profession.

Nuclear medicine is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses physicians, chemists, physicists, pharmacists, and technologists—all of whom play vital roles in the field and are at the forefront of medical innovation, working toward breakthroughs to improve the care of patients with cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disorders and other diseases. A type of nuclear medicine known as “theranostics” is particularly promising, combining diagnostics and therapies to detect and treat specific cancers.

“The field of nuclear medicine is exploding as we combine both diagnosis and therapy, the so-called theranostic field,” said Dr. Helen Nadel, the current president of SNMMI, in episode 9. “That means that we can use a small amount of radioactive drug to diagnose a problem, and then we can apply a different radioactive drug to potentially treat it.”

Episodes for this season of Jobs of Tomorrow will be released throughout June and July on Amazon, Roku, Tubi, and other popular streaming platforms. SNMMI’s first featured episode, “From Diagnosis to Therapy: the Evolution of Theranostics,” premiered on May 31 and is now available to stream on


About the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) is an international scientific and medical organization dedicated to advancing nuclear medicine and molecular imaging—vital elements of precision medicine that allow diagnosis and treatment to be tailored to individual patients in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

SNMMI’s members set the standard for molecular imaging and nuclear medicine practice by creating guidelines, sharing information through journals and meetings and leading advocacy on key issues that affect molecular imaging and therapy research and practice. For more information, visit

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