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Romania’s pioneering law establishing the right to personalized medicine

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A new Commentary in the peer-reviewed OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology analyzes Romania’s landmark law, the first globally, acknowledging the right of citizens and patients to personalized medicine. Click here to read the article now.

“We suggest that this pioneering legislation paves the way for integrating personalized medicine into Romania’s health care system, shaping clinical practice, research, and health policy,” state Marius Geanta, MD,  from the Centre for Innovation in Medicine, and coauthors. “It marks a significant step in redefining health care delivery, emphasizing individual treatment and the political determinants of personalized medicine, and setting a precedent for future health care innovations worldwide.”

The law complements the patient rights law and recognizes that “personalized medicine refers to healthcare provided based on a medical model that utilizes the characterization of individuals’ phenotypes and genotypes. This involves offering preventive, diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative, and specific end-of-life care services tailored to each patient.”

“The new law is poised to shape current thinking on global governance for genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, artificial intelligence, and other technologies of relevance to personalized/precision medicine and planetary health,” says Vural Özdemir, MD, PhD, DABCP, MA, Editor-in-Chief of OMICS.

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