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Malta hosts groundbreaking 7th World Conference on Targeting Phage Therapy 2024

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Malta Hosts Groundbreaking 7th World Conference on Targeting Phage Therapy 2024


The 7th World Conference on Targeting Phage Therapy 2024 will take place on June 20-21 at Corinthia Palace in Malta.

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Malta Hosts Groundbreaking 7th World Conference on Targeting Phage Therapy 2024

The historic Corinthia Palace in Malta is set to host the 7th World Conference on Targeting Phage Therapy on June 20-21, 2024. This premier event will bring together the world's foremost leaders and researchers in bacteriophage therapy, highlighting the growing importance and global interest in this innovative field.

With over 125 international attendees from over 30 countries, the conference underscores Malta’s role as a central hub for scientific discourse and advancement in phage therapy. Over 50 presentations, including major talks, short communications, and poster sessions, will showcase the latest research and breakthroughs in phage therapy. These sessions promise to provide profound insights into the future of bacteriophage applications in medicine.

The conference will feature distinguished keynote speakers such as Dr. Robert Schooley from the University of California San Diego, who will discuss strategic translational research in elevating phage therapy trials, among others: Antonia P. Sagona, Barbara Brenner, Besarion Lasareishvili, Domenico Frezza, Ekaterina Chernevskaya, Federica Briani, Frederic Bertels, Graham F. Hatfull, Jean-Paul Pirnay, Jumpei Fujiki, Kilian Vogele, Marvin Edeas, Nannan Wu, Paul Turner, Pieter-Jan Ceyssens, Robert T. Schooley, Rodrigo Ibarra Chávez, Sabrina Green, and Wolfgang Weninger.

Exhibitors from leading biotech firms, including Precision Phage, Cellexus, and Jafral, will present cutting-edge technologies and products that support phage therapy research and application.

Other attending companies include: Aumed, A&P Inphatec, COBIK, MB Pharma, PHAXIAM Therapeutics, Rime Bioinformatics, Phage Consulting, Intralytix, Invitris, Microbiotix, Sciensano, TechnoPhage, Vivantes, and others…

About Bacteriophages:

Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses that specifically infect and kill bacteria. They are considered a promising alternative to traditional antibiotics, especially in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections. Phages are naturally occurring and can be found in various environments, including soil, water, and the human body. They work by injecting their genetic material into bacterial cells, replicating inside them, and eventually causing the bacteria to burst, releasing new phages.

Phage therapy has shown potential in treating various bacterial infections, including those in cystic fibrosis patients and liver diseases associated with microbiota. Beyond infectious diseases, phages hold promise in non-infectious conditions by modulating the human microbiota. This ability to precisely edit the microbiome could lead to novel treatments for a variety of conditions, including those related to gut health and metabolic disorders.

Moreover, phages have applications beyond human medicine. They are increasingly used in agriculture to combat plant pathogens, in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections in animals, and in food preservation to prevent bacterial contamination and spoilage. These applications highlight the versatility of phages and their potential to revolutionize various sectors.

However, the widespread use of phage therapy is limited by several factors, such as the need for precise identification of the bacterial strain to select an effective phage, potential bacterial resistance to phages, and the lack of regulatory approval in many countries. Moreover, phage therapy requires rigorous clinical trials to determine optimal dosing, administration routes, and to understand the long-term effects on patients.

Why Phage is the Next Revolution in Medicine:

Phage therapy represents a groundbreaking approach to combating bacterial infections, particularly in an era where antibiotic resistance is a growing concern. The ability of phages to target and kill specific bacteria without harming the body's beneficial microbes positions them as a next-generation solution in medicine. Additionally, their potential to modulate the human microbiota offers new avenues for treating non-infectious diseases. The conference aims to further explore these potentials and address the challenges to make phage therapy a mainstream medical practice.

About the Conference:

The World Conference on Targeting Phage Therapy is an annual event dedicated to advancing the science and application of phage therapy. It serves as a platform for researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and foster collaborations aimed at tackling the global threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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