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USC Rossier EdTech Accelerator and the Institute for the Future of Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey sign a memorandum of understanding to catalyze edtech innovation

Partnership to catalyze transnational edtech innovation.

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University of Southern California

USC Rossier Education Technology Accelerator (USC EdTech Accelerator) and the Institute for the Future of Education (IFE) at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Tec), a private research university based in Monterrey, Mexico, have partnered to catalyze transnational edtech innovation.

IFE and USC intend to collaborate in a number of areas aimed at increasing cross-border edtech innovation, deal flow and access to customers and investors, including providing opportunities for early-stage edtech companies to participate in each other’s accelerator programs and for USC to participate in IFE’s TecPrize competition at IFE’s annual conference in Monterrey.

“We think this collaboration presents a tremendous opportunity for the USC Edtech Accelerator, IFE and Tec to catalyze education innovation, help education entrepreneurs grow their businesses, gain access to capital and ultimately to impact more learners in the U.S. and Latin America,” said Doug Lynch, senior fellow at USC Rossier School of Education. “At IFE, we believe in collaboration as a fundamental value to generate impact. This partnership allows us to grow and improve the edtech entrepreneurship ecosystem not only in Latin America but worldwide, fulfilling our mission to improve the lives of millions of people through education. Partners like USC are strategic in achieving this goal,” added Sabrina Seltzer, Transfer and Edtech Entrepreneurship Director at IFE.

About the USC Edtech Accelerator:

USC Edtech Accelerator is a virtual program that nurtures and accelerates the growth of edtech startups by providing a combination of operational and technical assistance, business strategy, product roadmap development/refinement and access to participants in the education ecosystem, including educators, investors, foundations, education companies and key service providers. The program’s main focus is to assist companies with efficacious solutions improve access and educational outcomes for all learners. Companies in the program are located all over the world and are developing solutions in all education markets, K–12, higher ed and workforce.

About the Institute for the Future of Education:

IFE’s goal is to improve the lives of millions of people around the world by transforming higher education and lifelong learning through technology innovation and fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among key participants in the education ecosystem. To achieve these objectives, IFE provides a wide array of programming and numerous initiatives in education entrepreneurship, including the IFE Conference, IFE Launch, an international acceleration program for early-stage edtech companies aiming to address education challenges in higher education and/or lifelong learning, and TecPrize, an open innovation initiative providing and promoting solutions aimed at reducing the skills gap in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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