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Research-driven Korea University College of Medicine promotes joint research with global scholars

Hosting an invitation seminar of Prof. Jeffrey D. Macklis, the "global authority in the field of neurogenesis"

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Korea University College of Medicine

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Prof. Jeffrey D. Macklis held an invitation seminar 

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Korea University's College of Medicine (Dean Pyun, Sung Bom) hosted the 1st Research Nexus Program in order to enhance international research network cooperation and vitalize global joint research.


This program shares the latest research trends and aims to invigorate international joint research by opening a seminar inviting top global scholars to promote international research performances.


The 1st program held an invitation seminar of Prof. Jeffrey D. Macklis, the "global authority in the field of neurogenesis" (Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University).


Prof. Macklis made a great contribution on interpreting composition and embryological principles of the nervous system by discovering "new neurons can be produced in the adult brain to regenerate neural circuit" and developing an analytical technique on molecular biology for various neural circuits.


In the lecture, he suggested the principle of neural circuit formation in the cerebral cortex and spinal cord in the perspective of local gene expression and protein synthesis within neurons.


Prof. Macklis said, "I was deeply impressed by professors, students, and researchers of College of Medicine who are highly enthusiastic for research. I hope Korea University School of Medicine and Harvard University could continue and improve joint research in the field of neurogenesis."


Next, Prof. Kim, Eunha of the Department of Neuroscience of Korea University's College of Medicine, gave a lecture on the mediating action of enterobacteria and the immune system on the development of neural circuits. Also, Prof. Woong Sun of the Department of Anatomy had a research announcement on brain development using a brain organoid.


Prof. Woong Sun said, "I hope this seminar would vitalize exchange between renowned scholars in the field of neurogenesis and professors of Korea University to further expand the base of molecular neurogenesis research and build a model for international joint research."


Dean Pyun said, "Through this program, Korea University's College of Medicine will form an active network with internationally renowned scholars, solidifying the name of Korea University College of Medicine as a 'research-centered' institution through creating more opportunities on joint researches and world-class research results."


In addition, Korea University's College of Medicine plans to continue the Nexus Research Program by inviting world-class researchers such as Prof. Dorothee Auer of Precision Imaging and Neuroimaging of the University of Nottingham, Prof. Marvin Chun of Neuroscience and Cognitive Science of Yale College, as well as Prof. Matt Lambon Ralph of MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit of University of Cambridge.

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