Feature Story | 2-Jul-2024

Advancing high-quality precision medical solutions in Latin America

BGI Genomics expands impact with new Uruguay lab and continued collaborations amidst COVID-19 challenges

BGI Genomics

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe in 2020, BGI Genomics' "Huo-Yan" Laboratory became a beacon of hope, lighting up in various regions.

In August 2020, Ou Rong, Liu Zixing, and Han Xiaowei from BGI Genomics' Shenzhen Delivery Center embarked on a 20,000-kilometer trip to Brazil, stepping up to assist in the local battle against the pandemic.

The task was daunting, as the team needed to set up two "Huo-Yan" Laboratories in cities 2,200 kilometers apart within one month, with a daily testing capacity of 25,000 samples. Despite many challenges, including being from different countries, speaking different languages ​​, and traveling long distances between two labs, the team developed strong and meaningful connections with their Brazilian colleagues.

"We took a photo at the lab entrance. Before we left for home, the local team gave us a mug with our group photo and our names in Chinese. Although they might not know what the Chinese characters meant, it was incredibly moving to receive such a thoughtful gift.", Ou Rong recalled a touching moment from the trip. 

Han Xiaowei looks forward to more exchanges in the future and said, "I hope to return for more technical and cultural exchanges." Liu Zixing shared the same feeling, warmly inviting their Latin American colleagues to visit China.

In April 2024, BGI's Uruguay laboratory officially opened. This is the first overseas implementation of the "Fire Eye" clinical molecular testing aerial laboratory solution, providing reproductive health and cancer prevention services to the people of Latin America.

From the rapid dispatch to Brazil for the "Huo-Yan" Laboratories to establishing a world-class  clinical molecular testing lab in Uruguay, BGI Genomics remains committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality precision medical testing services to the people of Latin America. We're excited to continue this journey of collaboration and innovation, working together to create a healthier future globally for all.

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