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DGIST received "Outstanding" rating in 2024 National R&D Performance Evaluation!

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DGIST Campus

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□ DGIST (President Kunwoo Lee) received the "Outstanding" rating in the 2024 National R&D Performance Evaluation.


□ The National Research and Development (R&D) Performance Evaluation is conducted for the National Research Council of Science & Technology and organizations directly under the Ministry of Science and ICT (hereinafter referred to as the "MSIT") in accordance with the Act on the Performance Evaluation and Management of National Research and Development Project, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Research Performance Evaluation Act"). The final rating (very outstanding, outstanding, average, poor, or very poor) is assigned based on a comprehensive evaluation of “the adequacy of research performance,” “the excellence of research outcomes,” and “the impact of research outcomes.” The evaluation results are reflected in the adjustment and allocation of budgets for R&D projects.


□ Among the organizations under the MSIT, DGIST received a rating of “Outstanding” in this year’s research project evaluation. This is in recognition of its remarkable achievement of the strategic goals (▲ Educational innovation to foster students for convergence, ▲ Research on convergence technologies for future industries, and ▲ Value creation through the dissemination of outcomes) established in accordance with its mission, roles, and responsibilities.


□ "I would like to express my gratitude to the members of DGIST for their excellent research achievements and plans, which enabled DGIST to receive the ‘Outstanding’ rating in this evaluation," said DGIST President Lee Kunwoo. "Based on the results of the evaluation, we will actively engage in R&D activities in the field of science and technology promoted by the government to lay the foundation for the development of science and technology and to contribute to the innovation of science and technology and the strengthening of national competitiveness."


□ DGIST, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is a science and technology institute under the MSIT and has produced approximately 1,900 scientists in convergence science since the launch of its graduate and undergraduate programs in 2011 and 2014, respectively. DGIST has been ranked 33rd in the world (1st among young universities that were ranked for the first time this year) in the Young University Rankings 2024, recently published by Times Higher Education, which is a testament to its excellence. DGIST is also laying the groundwork to become a world-class university, having recently won the bid to host the World Engineering Education Forum and Global Engineering Deans Council 2025 (WEEF-GEDC 2025), the world's largest engineering education conference.

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